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A new art space, “SHUTL,” has been established as an experimental laboratory where contemporary creators can reconnect with Japanese culture and integrate their own expressions with tradition to create the “authenticity of the future.”

In this edition of JOURNAL, we are pleased to present the English translation of the SHUTL space guide.

Translation : Juliet Reiko Knapp



Launching Authentic Futures

SHUTL is created from reused capsules from the Nakagin Capsule Tower, a building located in Ginza, designed by Kisho Kurokawa, and representative of the Japanese architectural movement “Metabolism” or shinchintaisha. SHUTL is an experimental space or lab for testing new ways to connect and combine traditional and contemporary culture and aims to encourage and promote the shinchintaisha (renewal or transformation) of Japanese culture itself.

Nakagin Capsule Tower (Courtesy of Nakagin Capsule Tower Preservation and Restoration Project)

Photo: archipicture Kota Tooyama


An experimental lab “launching authentic futures” through testing new ways to connect the traditional and the contemporary.

SHUTL is a space, including two newly acquired capsules, that has been launched as a new cultural center in the Higashi-Ginza area. The space functions as an experimental lab for creating “authentic futures” through giving contemporary artists space to rediscover and connect their own work with traditional Japanese culture.


SHUTL LOGO Designed by Ryu Mieno

SHUTL’s Three Concepts

1.SHUTL: A flying object released in to space.

A space shuttle launched into space brings to mind ideas such as infinity, freedom and dreams. We imagine the free and unconventional works of individuals released from SHUTL to be released far and wide into the world.

2.SHUTL: A round-trip flight connecting distant lands. 

With bases in Tokyo and Kyoto, our company Shochiku has always been connected to Japanese culture with a particular focus on the traditional. In this project too, through the movement, encounter and interaction of culture and people from East and West; we aim to connect the past and the future, connect cities such as the current capital (Tokyo) and ancient capital (Kyoto), and at the same time promote the mutual exchange of cultures. 

3.SHUTL: The shuttle (of a loom) that connects the warp and weft in textile.

In the textile production process, an art form representative of Japanese culture, the shuttle is essential for connecting the warp and weft threads. SHUTL aims to shape and promote a new Japanese culture through laterally connecting the culture and techniques of different art forms that have been passed down over the course of history.  


SHUTL SPACE SPECIFICATIONS Illustrated by Keiko Kishimoto

An experimental lab “launching authentic futures” through testing new ways to connect the traditional and the contemporary.

The building houses the experiments and activities that take place inside SHUTL and the two capsules. Removing as many boundaries with the outside world as possible, and making sure not to overstate the architectural qualities of the capsules, the building provides an environment in which the diverse changes taking place at SHUTL can be felt acutely.

Area: approx. 85m² (6.4m wide x 13.3m deep)
Ceiling Height: approx. 4m
Walls: Painted plasterboard
Floors: Mortar with polyurethane clear coating


An 8.5 square meter capsule restored to its original appearance at the time it was first constructed. Initially conceived as a second home or office for businessmen, this space will present new forms of artistic expression where past and future creativity coexist.

Area: in total approx. 8.5m² (2.3m wide x 3.7m deep)
Ceiling Height: approx. 2.1m


A skeleton capsule that retains the appearance of a capsule at the time Nakagin Capsule Tower was dismantled. Surrounded by freshly painted walls and exposed steel frames, the limitless ideas of artists will be installed in this minimalist space of just ten square meters.  

Area: in total approx. 10.8m² (2.6m wide x 4.15m deep)
Ceiling Height: approx. 2.3m


A space located between the two capsules. This space provides an opportunity to present more flexible forms of expression and facilitate open exchange through a variety of events and projects such as exhibitions, sale of merchandise, performances and workshops.


The outdoor space, also located on the SHUTL site, makes use of concrete walls to expand the possibilities of presenting different forms of artistic expression.


4-1-8 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

3 minutes’ walk from exit 5 of Higashi-Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro)
4 minutes’ walk from exit 2 of Tsukiji Station (Tokyo Metro) 

Open: 13:00-19:00
Open only during exhibition and event periods (for details, please check  “EXHIBITIONS” )
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Please note:
Closing is at 17:00 on the final day of exhibitions and events.
Opening hours are subject to change depending on the events being presented.
Closed during New Year holidays.
There may be temporary closures due to facility maintenance. 




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Launching Authentic Futures SHUTL

SHUTL is a gallery for exploring new ways of connecting tradition and modernity.


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